Rantings of a Mother of the Bar Mitzvah in the 45 Days Before the BIG EVENT(S)

Once, I was a regular chick. I had a life. A career. Then two kids and a career. Two kids and a career and a full and busy life. Then the career went. And the descent into madness began. Seven and a half years later, it's down to this. Forty-five days before the big BAR MITZVAH of First Born Son. And the madness has fully taken over.

You, dear reader, get to witness the fun.

21 January 2010

It was a good day for the monster

And not just because we got one of the last of the girl-RSVPs, which is really really good, since I can stop worrying about it finally. We are officially in good shape girlwise. We are officially in good shape boywise too, but the girl thing was a source of greater angst than anything else.

So, now, unless something changes, puh puh puh, kinehura, touch wood (for the Catholics out there), I can OFFICIALLY stop stalking my mailbox.


Two invites arrived in the mailbox today. I pity their moms. It's gonna be rough...if they're anything like me, that is, which I pray for their sakes that they are not. But best wishes anyway, and it's always a thrill to go to the mailbox (!) and find an extremely oversized envelope with a Zazzle.com stamp on it. Of course, FBS will be at both. Do I still have to send in a response card? People still do that, right? Yeah, I guess I better.

Wow....such a non-eventful, undramatic day. Went to younger son's band concert. Despite that last night he said to me, "In two years, I'm going to say to you, 'welcome back to hell'." Yes, he said "hell". He hears it on shows like The Suite Life of Zach and Cody and iCarly. I think. I mean, he certainly never heard me say a cussword.

This blog is quite boring today, if I do say so myself. I am sure there will be lots of drama to come though, particularly since FBS and The Husband and I will be attending my very good friend's son's B-Mitzvah on Saturday night. I imagine lots of angsty material. I seem to live for that sort of thing, don't I, after all?


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LI Ashtangini said...

They don't use curse words on those shows. Usually it's PG-13 movies that are the culprit.